Grade 12 French Immersion planning

Today I spent the day in my school, but I was working with a colleague on planning our grade 12 French Immersion course for September.  Right now, our first Immersion cohort is in grade 11.  We got so much accomplished and we were very proud of ourselves!  We were, however, very lucky to have some friends in other schools who gave us a lot of material.  Thanks S.P. and D.B!

We decided on the units and created the course outline and course of study.  We chose Jean de FloretteCyrano de Bergerac and excerpts of works from various authors starting from the Middle Ages through to the 18th century.  Luckily, we also have resources such as  Jean de Florette: Cahier du professeur  and Manon des sources: Cahier du professeur by Anne-Chrisitne Rice and Passe-Partout Littérature Tome 2 (OSSTF/FEESO).  I wish I could find this on-line for you so that you could buy a copy if you wish, but my Google search only gave me references to a couple of libraries who carry them.  I couldn’t even find it on the OSSTF website and they are the ones who published it.  Oh, well, if any of you do find where it can be purchased, please let me know so that I can add the link.

If you can get your hands on it one way or another, it is really worth it.  There are actually two volumes and I have both.  I bought them when I was in Teachers’ College.  I’m so glad I did.  The unit on Cyrano contains vocabulary, pre-reading activities, comprehension questions, final tasks, quizzes and tests, with answer key.  It is truly a lifesaver, because the work is already done.  It contains complete units for other works such as Bonheur d’occasion, Les Belles-sœurs, Le Matou, et Le Chien jaune, to name a few.  If you teach any of these works of literature, the units are so thorough that it will save you hours and hours of work.

Thanks for reading!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

À mardi!



About Mme Martin

I am a high school French teacher in Ontario, Canada. I've been a teacher for the last 14 years and I love what I do. I am always looking for ways to improve my teaching by learning from my colleagues, reading, attending conferences and workshops. I also completed a Masters of Education degree, specializing in Second Language Acquisition. My goal is to increase students' oral fluency in French and I would like to share this journey with you in the hopes that you will find new ideas and be inspired to do the same. I will let you know what I try in my classes and what works and what doesn't. I hope you will find a wealth of ideas to use in your class.
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4 Responses to Grade 12 French Immersion planning

  1. Judith Genis says:

    Bonjour – which extraits for the French authors did you go with? How do you approach this with your students (I teach Extended French and Core French). I have done extraits for a few years, but my students don’t seem to prepare enough for the ‘table ronde’ discussions led by the ‘expert’. I would so appreciate your response and strategies. Merci, Judith

    • Mme Martin says:

      Hi Judith,
      We actually used CLE International literature books. They already have the excerpts with pre- and post-reading questions already done for you. I don’t have the exact titles of each excerpt because I’m away on vacation. I can tell you exactly which texts when I get back to work next week.

    • Mme Martin says:

      Hi Judith, I forgot to talk about strategies in my post. Because these are short excerpts, I use a simple approach. I use the pre-reading questions first. Then we read the excerpt in class because they are short (usually one to two paragraphs). Then we have a short discussion so that I can check comprehension and assign the questions for homework. Nothing too exciting I’m afraid, but I think they like the readings we chose.

      I hope this helps! I’ll have to get you exact titles when I go back to work.

      Take care, Mme Martin

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  2. Judith Genis says:

    Merci bien!

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